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Top 5 Reasons Millennials Value Social Media

This is part two in our series Marketing to Millennials, where we explore the importance of marketing on mobile and social, how to implement such strategies, and why you need the Denim solution.

Two Key Ways to Engage With Millennials on Mobile

This is part one in our series Marketing to Millennials, where we explore the importance of marketing on mobile and social, and how to implement such strategies.

Millennials are entering the “wealth-accumulation phase of their lives,” which means their buying power is increasing.

Denim™ Announces Growing Investor Portfolio Including RGAx and American National Insurance Company

DES MOINES, Iowa, April 18, 2017Denim Labs, Inc. (Denim), provider of the leading social media engagement platform, today announced the company’s growing investor portfolio, noting support from RGAx, the innovation subsidiary of Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated, and American National Insurance Company, one of Denim’s first customers.

Denim Surpasses 10 Million Ads Powered

Des Moines, IA – April 7, 2017 – Denim Labs, Inc. (Denim™), provider of the leading social media advertising platform for insurance and financial services companies, is pleased to announce a new milestone. In October, 2016, co-founder and CEO, Gregory Bailey announced the public launch of Denim from the stage at the InsureTech Connect conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Denim will immediately improve your workflow

Marketers in all industries are always looking for ways to improve workflow, increase efficiency, and get more done in the work-week. The insurance and financial services industries are no different.

One process that takes a lot of a marketer’s time is creating and launching social media campaigns.

What It’s Like to Work at Denim

This guest post was written by Michael Clark, senior software engineer at Denim™.

Working at Denim has been an incredible experience since I started as a contractor in the summer of 2016. It’s completely surreal and oftentimes unbelievable how quickly success and growth are happening for us.

Denim™ Receives Praise from #1 Bestselling Author Erik Qualman

Des Moines, IA – February 6, 2017 – Denim Labs, Inc. (Denim) is honored to receive the following testimonial from the #1 bestselling author of Socialnomics, Erik Qualman.

“Consumers are using mobile and social media like never before.

Make Smarter Decisions Based on Campaign Results

When launching a social media ad campaign, it is your responsibility to monitor the campaign and make informed decisions based on the results. The ultimate goal in assessing and adjusting social campaigns is to continually improve marketing ROI.

How to Review Social Metrics in the New Year

Another year has come to a close, which means now is a time to review and recalibrate. While people do this in their personal lives, it’s also a good time to do this for business, specifically for your Facebook advertising analytics.

4 Ideas for Year-End Social Media Posts

As an insurance or financial services company, the holidays are not a time to “go dark” on social media. Quite the opposite, actually – this is a prime time to connect with your customers, both current and prospective, and offer helpful information and relevant services.