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007 – Wearables, Big Data and Life Insurance

Sureify’s Dustin Yoder believes consumers deserve a better consumer experience when it comes to purchasing and owning life insurance. His Silicon Valley based startup is delivering just that by combining wearables, connected devices and big data.

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006 – Uber for Smartphone Replacements

Luke Cooper is Co-Founder & CEO of Baltimore, MD based Fixt. Fixt provides a valuable customer experience for the 40 million people in the U.S. that drop and break their smartphones each year. By combining repairs, replacements and insurance into one simple experience, Fixt delivers for its customers.

005 – Predictive Analytics in Insurance

Adam Cassady is the Co-Founder & CEO of Tyche, which is using predictive analytics, machine learning and natural language processing to transform insurance data into revolutionary risk intelligence.

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004 – Accelerating Insurance Startups

On today’s episode, Brian Hemesath, Managing Director of the Global Insurance Accelerator joins me in studio.

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003 – Bridging the Gap Between Consumers and Advisors

In this week’s episode, I have a conversation with RJ Irving, Co-Founder and CEO of Boston-based Melius. The consumer buying journey is far different today than even a few short years ago. Melius provides the bridge for consumers and advisors to connect the way today’s consumers want to: online first and in person second.

002 – Insurance Online for Today’s Digital Consumer

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO & Co-Founder of PolicyGenius

The blog post Jennifer referenced: 3 Steps to Naming Your Startup

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001 – The Story Behind The Denim Rivet

In this first episode of The Denim Rivet podcast, I offer my thoughts on insurance startups, innovation and why The Denim Rivet platform is so important to help drive change and transformation in the global insurance industry.

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