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Denim will immediately improve your workflow

Denim will immediately improve your workflow

Marketers in all industries are always looking for ways to improve workflow, increase efficiency, and get more done in the work-week. The insurance and financial services industries are no different.

One process that takes a lot of a marketer’s time is creating and launching social media campaigns. Besides the campaign creation, implementing a single ad for hundreds, or even thousands, of agents or advisors is a timely, costly and monotonous task.

Denim is here to change the way social media ad campaigns are managed and significantly improve the marketer’s workflow.

The first couple steps of the process stay the same: develop the creative, put together the ad, get approval from the compliance team and identify the consumer audience you’d like to micro-target with the ad campaign.

This is where Denim will immediately improve your workflow.

Without Denim, your next steps are: access the Facebook page for Agent 1 as an advertiser, set up the ad, build the audience, launch the ad. Access the Facebook page for Agent 2, and repeat the same process, over and over for each of your agents and financial advisors.

If you want to launch an ad campaign for 100 advisors, you have to do this process 100 times. In terms of workflow, this is an extremely time consuming, costly and repetitive process.

Using Denim’s patent-pending platform, your next steps are: log into the Denim dashboard, select which group of  your agents you want to launch an ad campaign for, set up the ad, select the consumer audience and launch the ad campaign – all in about two minutes!

That’s right, the whole process takes about two minutes, whether launching social media ads for a ten agents, hundreds of brokers or thousands of your advisors.

The Denim user interface is comfortable and easy to use, and the software is wicked smart and powerful. As a corporate marketer, you can view real-time ad performance insights for every agent or advisor in the campaign, all from the Denim dashboard. And you’ll be able to make smarter decisions based on Denim’s powerful insights. It’s why we like to say, “Denim makes you smarter.”

Are paid social media advertising campaigns a part of your marketing mix? Interested to learn more? We’d love to chat! Schedule a demo today.

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