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Three Insights for Marketing to the Post-Millennial Generation

This is part four in our series Marketing to Millennials, where we explore the importance of marketing on mobile and social, how to implement such strategies, and why you need the Denim® solution. Read part one here, part two here and part three here.

The last three blog posts focused on marketing to Millennials, but it’s important to take a look at the next generation, too. They already outnumber Millennials, and they are quickly changing marketing, again.

The Post-Millennial generation, or Gen Z, is comprised of people who were born in the digital age, surrounded by technology. While Millennials remember logging into AIM to chat with their friends and getting the busy signal when calling a phone that was connected to dial-up, by the time Gen Z’ers were old enough to use a computer, their parents had wi-fi and smartphones.

The oldest Post-Millennials are about 22 years old in 2017, and they are as entrepreneurial and tech-savvy as they come.

While Gen Z’ers may not have much of a need for insurance and financial services now, they will soon. The stories they hear and the things they read now will start to shape their view of these industries.

When it comes to mobile and social, here are three things Post-Millennials value, and what marketers should note about it:

Influencer recommendations. Gen Z’ers are actively creating content on social platforms, all day, every day. What would it look like to do marketing with them instead of marketing at them? This is being done in a sense with the rise of influencer marketing, which is highly popular among Post-Millennials (and younger Millennials, too).

Immediate feedback. Post-Millennials value responsiveness and immediate feedback. For brands and businesses, this means having high priority information easily accessible on all channels. Marketers can lower the barriers to entry for Post-Millennials by offering quick responses to questions or comments posted on their social media channels.

Images and videos. If you can share your message with an image, infographic, video, or gif, do it. Not only are these posts more fun to share on social platforms, but they are a vital way for Gen Z’ers to find and distribute information. Take Pinterest, for example. About 51% of people visit Pinterest with the intent to purchase something. Pinterest is 100% image-centric, and its powerful search engine allows visitors to visually search to find what they’re looking for.

Gen Z’ers expect to interact with mobile and social marketing messages in a very different way than Millennials, or any generation before them. They expect the marketing message to be relevant, useful, and in context.

As your marketing team puts together plans to reach Gen Z through mobile and social, keep this information top-of-mind. Beyond that, be prepared to listen to the market and watch what Post-Millennials are doing. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. The actions of this new generation will determine the direction of marketing for the next several years.

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