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Define marketing campaign objectives in 3 easy steps

When your marketing team is setting up a new campaign, it’s vital to determine the campaign objectives at the beginning of the process. Setting campaign objectives enable the marketing activities to be measurable and actionable. Without an objective, the results and end data won’t tell much about the campaign’s performance.

3 Steps to Develop Customer Segments and Personas

The most effective marketing plans are ones written for a specific customer segment. This allows your team to fully understand the audience that you’re speaking to and ensure the work you’re doing will resonate with the intended audience. Once customer segments are created, personas bring those segments to life and allow you to visualize what the segments look like in reality.

5 Marketing Basics Every Marketer Should Know

In the midst of the digital age, where everyone is trying to earn the attention of consumers, gain market share, and stand out in a noisy crowd, it’s important to go back to the basics of marketing and ensure you have a strong foundation.

Sure we all want to be high-tech and innovative, and when that’s all we study we can easily lose sight of the marketing basics that are required to function as marketers.

S2E13: Transforming Life Insurance Product Development with Montoux

With a mother from Canada and a father from New Zealand, Geoffrey Keast caught the traveling bug at an early age. He’s lived and worked everywhere from New Zealand and Boston, to London, Nigeria, and Vancouver. He has been involved in B2B enterprise companies and entered in through the world of secure documentation.

S2E12: Gregory Bailey’s Journey to Build Denim®

In this week’s episode, we’ve turned the tables on Denim Rivet. Brian Hemesath, Managing Director of the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA), interviews the CEO & Co-Founder of Denim and the founder and host of this podcast, Gregory Bailey. On today’s show, Brian guides the conversation as Gregory shares his journey through his more than two decade insurance industry career and how he founded Denim.

Three Insights for Marketing to the Post-Millennial Generation

This is part four in our series Marketing to Millennials, where we explore the importance of marketing on mobile and social, how to implement such strategies, and why you need the Denim® solution. Read part one here, part two here and part three here.

Special Edition: 2017 TransUnion Insurance Summit – LIVE

The Denim Rivet is back with another special edition episode! This time we’ve recorded in front of a live studio audience full of insurance industry executives at the 2017 TransUnion Insurance Summit in downtown Chicago. In this episode, we’re joined by Jeff Reynolds, VP of Insurance Product Development, and Robin Wagner, Senior VP of International Insurance.

Marketing to Millennials: The Denim® Platform

This is part three in our series Marketing to Millennials, where we explore the importance of marketing on mobile and social, how to implement such strategies, and why you need the Denim® solution. Read part one here and part two here.

Product Update: Campaign Builder Now Supports Video and Multi-Image Ads

We like to think of Denim® as a platform that features multiple technology products. Today, we’d like to reintroduce you to Campaign Builder and announce a major update to this core product within the Denim platform.

Campaign Builder is the bedrock of the Denim platform. It is where much of the action happens.

S2E11: DIY Inspections with ViewSpection

Denim Rivet is back this week with Jim Gardner, co-founder and CEO of ViewSpection from Tucson, Arizona. Jim and ViewSpection participated in the 2017 edition of the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) in Des Moines. And get this – Jim first reached out to Denim Rivet host, Gregory Bailey and the GIA after listening to the Denim Rivet podcast!