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S2E10: Social Media and Social Selling with Robert Knop

Denim Rivet Season 2, Episode 10

On today’s episode of Denim Rivet, we’re talking social media and social selling with the founder and CEO of Assist You Today, Robert Knop. Believe it or not, Robert started his long road to the financial services industry with a fine arts degree. After a bold move to California, buying half of an advertising agency he worked for, then ending up in startup land, he was hired at Pacific Life by none other than show host, Gregory Bailey. Now Robert guides companies in finding out what they want to be known for and helps them devise an actionable plan to achieve their goals.

Strategy and Implementation

Assist You Today knows that it’s easy for a marketing department to get stuck focusing on what’s just two inches in front of them. So, AYT’s mission is to help these companies nail down who they are, what their true value proposition is, and then draw up a roadmap on how to get there. This is done by modernizing sales techniques with current technology – something many companies haven’t gotten a hold of yet.

Transforming Marketing and Distribution

Assist You Today specializes in applying real world tactics in the digital arena. No one throws a sales pitch right in someone’s face after just shaking hands in real life, yet Robert sees this happening on social media. The art of mastering sales activity online is something AYT shares with their clients so they can chart the finer nuances of modernizing proven techniques. Creating a playbook with high level and actionable steps is the key to maintaining this online activity.

Friction Matters

Robert has talked to companies that seem reluctant to modernize their strategies. Many are still using antiquated systems devised decades ago. But we are entering the age where consumers are mandating that companies evolve and change. The fluidity and ease of using a site like Amazon is now what consumers expect from every online interaction. Having to fill out five pages of paperwork and mail it to your insurer is not an effective way to interact with consumers in this era.

Social Selling

Utilizing social media networks effectively now centers around adding value to help consumers. One aspect of this involves establishing a personal brand with a social media page or account that’s targeted toward your intended audience. Then comes engaging with others. It’s called “social” media and not “a-social” media for a reason.

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