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S2E7: 2017 Cohort of the Global Insurance Accelerator

On today’s episode, we welcome back Brian Hemesath, Managing Director of the Global Insurance Accelerator. Brian is here with a rundown of the GIA’s 2017 cohort–namely six startups that, under mentorship from multiple volunteer mentors, are aiming to put a large dent in the insuretech ecosystem. The six startups just arrived in Des Moines this week. The GIA has stepped up its game this year, making new partnerships that include Staybridge Suites where the cohorts will stay for the next 100 days.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the six startups participating in the 2017 cohort (in alphabetical order).


Startup: Find Bob

Coming from Toronto, Find Bob is focused on Book of Business transition for carriers and agents. According to Find Bob’s website, 80% of advisors do not have a succession plan.The nuances of these transfers can certainly lead to loss, and Find Bob is aiming to make sure this process happens correctly.



Startup: Insurance Menu

Insurance Menu hails from Boston and already has a fleshed out product and some paying customers. This puts them right in the sweet spot stage for companies the GIA likes to bring onboard. Helping brokers and agents distribute products is the main goal of the startup. Their product was created to fill a need born out of a innovative legislative mandate passed in Massachusetts in 2010.



Startup: MotionsCloud

Ever wish you had a mobile app with intelligent AI that could help automate much of the claims process? Well MotionsCloud from Munich Germany is setting their sights on incumbents with their tech. Brian is well aware that AI is a hot space within the insurance ecosystem, and will be steering MotionsCloud in the right direction with their tech.



Startup: Re-Sure

Re-Sure comes from Detroit Michigan. Their startup covers a slew of buzzwords such as block chain enabled, app driven, smart insurance-smart contract for on demand/micro insurance. This is most certainly a conceptual technology play. Brian will be helping them focus in what insurance space has the landing spot where Re-Sure can make the biggest impact.


Startup: Sentrys

From Serbia, Sentrys is developing a cloud platform where date from all your devices can be housed, focusing primarily on auto. Many customers don’t quite understand the value of this data as of yet. This data could be used by the customer to defend themselves when you take a claim to an insurance carrier. They will be doing this with their connected vehicle or drone incident-accident certification system.



Startup: Viewspection

Viewspection started up in Tucson Arizona and is a pre loss app. Jim Gardner, Viewspection’s CEO, has years of experience in home inspection. This app lets the work of these inspections be done by the consumer–a total do-it-yourself app. This allows you, instead of a stranger, take pictures and videos of your home for any underwriter.




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