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S2E8: Mike Schreurs, Strategic America – Part 1

S2E8: Mike Schreurs, Strategic America – Part 1

After a mid-season break, we’re back on Denim Rivet with Mike SchreursChairman and Chief Strategist of Strategic America. Our conversation with Mike was so, riveting, we’ve decided to break the interview into two parts. Mike’s journey into marketing and advertising started out in television behind a camera. He ended up as a director, then selling T.V. time, and eventually wound up as the founder and CEO of Strategic America (“SA”). Mike notes that some clients take the company’s acronym to mean “simply awesome.” But today he is diving into what the “S” means to him – strategy.

Strategy is what ends up creating the most long term impact. At Strategic America, all 100+ employees are challenged to find a better way to do things. Understanding SA’s strategy and vision is the only way for them to do that. Mike himself has seen that there is a “get by” level of doing things that is held by some companies. However, his goals for SA are far from just getting by, instead seizing opportunities to make something better and change the world is a more noteworthy approach to tackling the dynamic environment of insurance advertising.

Tipping The Marketing Funnel

Companies can now do what they once thought was impossible. Dealing with 2,000 to 20,000 individual agents in now a reality. This distribution network of agents can be used to really define and support brand awareness. In the last 20 years there’s been a shift in brand awareness; the iconography of looming buildings, pillars, and institutions no longer garners trust in a consumer. Consumers need something more approachable. Look no farther than GEICO, Progressive, and Allstate to see how they have benefited from modern media.

How Can Smaller Players Keep Up?

“Rather than outspend, being strategic means outthinking the competition.” This quote is pulled straight from Strategic America’s homepage. The key to successful campaigns and reach isn’t necessarily the size of your marketing budget. Mike believes being as distinctive as possible and delivering, and not just imitating a category leader, is a surefire way to stand out. Finding a meaningful way to deliver information to the consumer has never been more important. Anyone at any size can now find a way to be relevant to their targeted consumer.

Why SA Focuses On Field Marketing

When you properly take care of a client you learn not only from their perspective, but you also find out what makes something successful. Mike sees insights rolling in from field marketing specialists, those focused on data and those talking directly to consumers. It’s clear the distribution field network is where results are produced. By tipping the marketing funnel sideways, companies have a lever to drive these results. The power of a brand is in the customer journey. It’s about where the customer is, getting them the right information, and leading them on the journey to validate that information so they can make a buying decision.

Stay Tuned For Part 2

Be on the lookout for the second part of our interview with Mike Schreurs, Chairman and Chief Strategist at Strategic America.

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